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An emotional balancing act

Juggling life after having a premature baby was a nightmare!  

We were extremely lucky to have the Ronald McDonald House help us out, - they provided us with accomodation, whilst we were in hospital with Griogair, and not to mention grandparents who helped out endlessly looking after our two year old daughter. 

Tim made 2 - 4 hour trips from Kent to Brighton and back- every day or second day to try and keep our wee family together.  Grandpa and Grandma also.

The emotional and physical toll was very high... and nursing staff and the Dr's at the baby unit were so very good at mentally guiding us through Griogair's care.

As a mother, i felt very guilty and worried as to our daughter not having the same care and attention that i would usually give her, and we spent what quality time we could together as a family - spending some afternoons on the beach etc, reading stories, drawing and trying to involve her with short visits to see her brother.

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