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In the early days of Griogair's hospital stint, he presented with a blue/grey, bruised looking tummy.
He was later found to have NEC,  suffering from a perforated bowel, and had suffered brain bleeds on either side of his brain.
Learning from Griogair's trauma - we should have asked at day 1/2 - if our child had had an abdominal x-ray - as that can rule out bowel perforation, and queried as to whether a bowel specialist had seen our baby.
We would have then been able to of made sure Griogair's milk feeds had been stopped earlier.
(As a mother, i think this can be the hardest thing to get your head around, - as your instinct is that you want your child to be fed your breast milk for immunity's sake.)
Griogair was diagnosed with Grade 4 brain bleeds on either side of his brain.
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